• Brewing of malted cereals

  • Reconstituting concentrated juices

  • Blending and dilution of liquid and solid sugars

  • Fermentation of sweet liquors

  • Isolated or Multi-culture yeast propagation for new yeast varieties

  • Comprehensive water treatment including carbon filtration, UV irradiation, water softening and Burtonisation

  • Precise product carbonation

  • Aseptic and anoxic product transfer

  • Product DE and membrane filtration


Currently our packaging line runs at ca. 200 bottles per minute, allowing us to produce 100hL per shift.  

We cold fill carbonated and non-carbonated beverages into 275, 330, 340, 500 and 750mL glass non-returnable bottles sealed with twist and pry-off crowns or Aluminium ROPP closures.

By using our data-logging temperature probe we can accurately verify the extent of biological product stabilization achieved by our tunnel pasteurizer.

Full traceability is provided by coding the bottles with our inkjet machine, while cases are also able to be coded. Cases are tape-sealed and can be palletized, shrink-wrapped and dispatched or loaded into containers on site and shipped overseas or around the country.

Further microbial assessment can be performed by an independent laboratory if the customer requires. We are able to tailor our multi-headed labeller to apply a wide range of label types and sizes to the customers requirements.

Production and processing features can include:

NZFSA Food Safety Program

IFOAM and Bio-Gro


Brewer's Guild of NZ

Fruit Wine & Cider Makers of NZ

IBD Qualifications

NZ Customs Certified

However contact us if you have any other bottle/pack sizes as we are very adaptable.